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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Shows, Shoots, and Fashion Awards

Hey guys! can't believe 2013 is almost over, it has been a busy year for me with school and all. Lets make the best out of this month of December :) first i would like to thank you all for always supporting me with all my new projects, I get super excited when i receive emails and tweets from all of you.

well here is what is happening this month, I juts had a shoot for the holiday commercial for Kev Kits, check them out they have awesome stuff for men and women! It was great working with such an amazing talented group of people. also Thank you so much for the mini Kev Kit. 

I am also excited for the premiere of the independent film Encounter by Cosmo Losco. It was my first time acting so i am very excited to see the results. You guys can also get my official poster at the official online store at Innovation Pictures I will be giving away free posters this month! stay tuned.


      It is that time of the year again! public nominations are now open for the FAMD 2014. Last year thanks to all of you i was nominated for "Emerging Model of the Year" Thank you all. This year, I am still emerging so make sure to go to and go to the tab "NOMINATE" to nominate for "Emerging Male Model of the Year" remember to add my twitter account @DanielChevez16 or my official facebook page  Big Thanks in Advance!

I am so excited for this month of December!



Monday, August 5, 2013

Watch The Official Trailer for ENCOUNTER now!

Hey Everyone so after many months of filming and hard work here it is! the official trailer for the movie i am in "ENCOUNTER" is out! My characters name is a recent college grad student name Kyle that lives with his best friend from college, and together they are on a quest to figure out what cause the entire city to lose power.

Here it is the official trailer and first look!